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Instant Cash Loan Service Brisbane

Cash Loans

Need Cash?

Whether you need a rental bond, car rego is due or you have just come up short, at Citigold we can help you with a cash loan.

We provide loans to our customers that are competitve with other providers and you can get cash on the spot. 

All you need is identification and some jewellery or a high grade watch to use as collateral.


No bank fees, forms or credit checks.

One of our experienced staff will assess the value of your piece, possibly using our Thermo Scientific Precious Metals Analyser and will offer you a loan to the value of the item/s you bring in.



If you accept the loan we then begin a relationship through an agreement where you pay the loan down through periodic instalments.

If, however, you default on the loan and we cannot come to an agreeable repayment plan you will forfeit the items.  We are happy to provide you an obligation free quote. 

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